The Cartwright Act at 100 -- A Special Celebratory Issue of Competition

Competition MagazineThe Fall 2008 issue of Competition (Vol 17, No. 2) was a special edition of the journal celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Cartwright Act. We're pleased provide all of the articles from that issue in our Members OnlyArea.

Editor-in-Chief: THOMAS S. HIXSON, Bingham McCutchen LLP, San Francisco


  • HOWARD M. ULLMAN, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, San Francisco
  • KATHLEEN J. TUTTLE, Deputy-in-Charge, Antitrust Section, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office
  • ELAINE F. FOREMAN, Director, Legal Services, Cisco, San Jose

Table of Contents

Letter from the Chair

Letter from the Editor

By Hon. Ronald M. George, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of California

Foreward: An Historical Backdrop
By Professor Spencer C. Olin

One Hundred Years in the Making: The Cartwright Act in Broad Outline
By John M. Landry and Kirk A. Hornbeck

A Legislator's Lament: Profile of George W. Cartwright (1863-1939)
By Kathleen J. Tuttle and Professor Gilbert Geis

Does the Cartwright Act Have a Future?
By Lisa Saveri and Craig Corbitt

Happy Birthday, Cartwright Act! A Judge's Perspective on the Use of Questionnaires in Jury Selection for Cartwright Act Cases
By Hon. Richard A. Kramer, Judge, San Francisco Superior Court

Revisited History: A Retrospective on Van Kalinowski and Hanson's "California Antitrust Laws: A Comparison with Federal Antitrust Laws"
By Robert E. Cooper and James P. Clark

The Cartwright Act at 100 -- A History of Complementary Antitrust Enforcement -- A Celebration
By Don T. Hibner, Jr. and Heather M. Cooper

How We Convinced the California Supreme Court that the Cartwright Act Did not Regulate Mergers
By Aton Arbisser and M. Laurence Popofsky

The "Federalization" of the Cartwright Act
By Bonny E. Sweeney

Anti-Monopolization Workarounds
By Professor Reza Dibadj

Comments on the Recent History of Class Actions under the Cartwright Act
By Guido Saveri

B.W.I., California's Favorable Class Action Jurisprudence and Their Post-CAFA Application
By Francis O. Scarpulla and Qianwei Fu

Revitalizing the Cartwright Act
By John K. Van de Kamp and Michael J. Strumwasser

A Century of Government Antitrust Enforcement Under the Cartwright Act
By Thomas Greene, Robert C. Fellmeth, Thomas A. Papageorge and Kathleen J. Tuttle

California Versus Federal Enforcement of the Cartwright Act Against Microsoft -- A Choice with Potentially Distastrous Consequences for Consumers
By Gene Crew

A Forward Look: The Cartwright Act and What It Could Be
By Joseph L. Dunn

By Hon. Kathryn Mickle Werdegar, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of California